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You can enhance your development by using chrome://flags and enabling the developer tools experiments. You can then use the settings panel in developer tools to toggle individual experiments. We will be mentioning some of the keyboard shortcuts for Chrome DevTools below, but you can see a full list of them on the Google Developer's site.

To override the user agent string from Chrome DevTools: Press Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Control+Shift+P (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) to open the Command Menu. Figure 1. The Command Menu Type network conditions, select Show Network conditions, and press Enter to open the Network conditions tab. How to change User Agent in your desktop browser - DeviceAtlas The built-in User Agent tester is available via Developer Tools which you can access from top right ‘hamburger’ menu (go to ‘More Tools’ >> ‘Developer Tools.’). To view the website the way mobile users can see it, just click the phone icon in the top left corner of the console's window. Changing the User Agent, a New Google Chrome Feature Now that browsers started to include powerful developer tools and even Internet Explorer has a built-in user agent editor, Chrome added a similar feature. It's only available in Chrome 17 (Dev Channel / Canary) right now. Here's how to change the user agent: 1. open the Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows/Linux, Command - Option - I on Mac ... testing - User Agent Switcher for Chrome - Stack Overflow Chrome Developer Tools (as of version 17+) have the ability to supply custom User-Agent header . Bring up the developer tools by pressing f12. Look in the Console "drawer" (make it visible if not visible) Click the Emulation tab in the console drawer. Tick "Spoof user agent" and select an agent (or enter your own User-Agent string using the ...

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How to change User Agent in your desktop browser Looking to test mobile websites in your desktop browser? Here are a few easy ways to change your user agent in Chrome, Firefox and Edge desktop browsers. How To Change User Agent in Opera In today's article, we will learn how to change the user agent string in the popular Opera browser. Rozšíření User-Agent Switcher - Doplňky Opery User-Agent Switcher is a quick and easy way to switch between user-agents.

The Persist Emulation settings button will save any changes you made from the default desktop emulation settings, even when you close and reopen the DevTools. The Reset Emulation settings button will reset your emulation settings back to the default Desktop browser profile and Microsoft Edge user agent string with GPS turned off.

Google Chrome: Change the User Agent String How to change the user agent string in the Google Chrome web browser without using a plugin. Firefox version history - Wikipedia Firefox 11 introduced many new features, including migration of bookmarks and history from Google Chrome, SPDY integrated services, Page Inspector Tilt (3D View), Add-on Sync, redesigned HTML5 video controls, and the Style Editor (CSS). Chrome DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts | Tools for Web Developers The canonical documentation for Chrome DevTools keyboard shortcuts.

It is possible to spoof (fake) the User Agent directly in Vivaldi, however this currently requires the use of a command line switch and the new User Agent would be sent to every website you view.

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